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  • Something for a Saturday Posted on 11 January 2014

    Whilst working on SPARK, we ended up researching a lot of obscure and rare words with beautiful or strange definitions. Whilst they all reference some element of the play, the vast majority won't be used in the show and so, we thought we'd use of some them here as something to pass the time on the weekend (if you're in need of more things to do/read, there's also a new blog about SPARK rehearsals here):


    1 - What is ‘brontide’?

    a – a term for the low rumbling of distant thunder

    b – a word for the smell of rain on dry ground

    c – the name for a system of knowledge concerning secrets and mysteries

    d – a word meaning ‘half-dead or dejected'


    2 - What is ‘lethiferous’?

    a – The term for living on an island

    b – The description for something causing, carrying or bearing death

    c – an adjective for items shaped like umbrellas

    d – The word for things of, like or pertaining to the depths of the ocean


    3 - What is ‘alalia’?

    a – one’s good genius; the good part of one’s conscience

    b – a compensation given as solace for suffering or loss

    c – the loss of ability to speak

    d – the name for someone who walks without shoes


    4 - What is ‘lethologica’?

    a – being likely to make a mistake

    b – passing away quickly; fleeting; ephemeral; falling soon after blooming, as some flowers

    c – the inability to recall a precise word for something

    d – an unhappy fate


    5 - What is ‘charientism’?

    a – an expression of an unpleasant thing in an agreeable manner

    b – the state of being nowhere/not existing and not being able to be found

    c - the fear of prolonged waiting

    d – great love or affection for a particular place


    6 - What is ‘abditive’?

    a – an event which does not occur after much planning, such as a wedding with no groom

    b – the recovery or restoration of one’s breath

    c – the term for something remote, secret or hidden

    d – a reference to the act of carrying property away wrongfully


    7 - What is ‘anaphia’?

    a – an urge to overcome melancholy by dancing

    b – a loss of sense of touch

    c – flattery; deceit

    d – the term for something that occurs at nightfall or sunset



    Answers: 1 - a / 2 - b / 3 - c / 4 - c / 5 - a / 6 - c / 7 - b

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