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  • What next... Posted on 18 February 2014

    A lot's happened since our last news post - SPARK's run at the Vaults came and went, and with it some wonderfully appreciative audiences and some great reviews! Whilst we've not got any set dates for future performances of the show, we're definitely planning to stage it again and looking forward to diving back into its magical and surreal bubble when the time comes.

    Things might be a little quiet from us over the next month or so (though we'll try to post a few stories and things on Soundcloud, maybe even some tasters of what we're working on), as we're in the early stages of planning and research for some upcoming projects. There's a few different pieces we're looking at developing, all of which we're incredibly excited about, but it just means it'll be a little while until we have anything we can really share!

    In the meantime, we'll share what we can and, as always, post updates on here or on Twitter about any great shows, games, or entertainment in general that we discover.

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