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  • Producer callout Posted on 30 May 2014

    We're looking for a producer or producers to collaborate with on two projects that we hope to stage later this year. Both are untitled pieces in the early stages of development, which we're aiming to explore through R&D sessions in June before developing in full. Currently, the role/s pays expenses plus profit share, but we will be applying for funding which, if secured, will partially go towards increased payment.


    The first is a show exploring objectum sexuality (the sexual orientation of people who are attracted to objects). We've been researching OS thoroughly over the past few months, and are currently completing our main research through interviews with objectum-sexual people (having been granted the privilege by OS Internationale, a support network and community of objectum-sexuals). We want to work alongside a producer who's interested in contributing creatively to the show, as well as developing and promoting a production that aims to answer people's curiosities whilst giving a sensitive and honest depiction of this atypical sexuality.


    Our second project is a piece based on the Japanese ghost story Botan Doro, portraying a passionate but doomed love affair between a man and a ghost. Gruesome and romantic in equal measure, this story is undoubtedly beautiful, albeit a very particular type of beauty. We plan on combining movement, narration, dialogue and vivid visuals to capture the extremes of this striking story. We're looking to collaborate with a producer interested in being creatively involved in, developing and promoting a show which celebrates the different, the rare and the unexpected.


    If you're interested in either or both of these opportunities, please contact us at info@dissolvetheatre.co.uk with a recent CV and a couple of paragraphs on why you'd like to be involved by 10th June.

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