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  • Object Love casting callout Posted on 17 November 2014


    We are keen to cast this show as diversely as possible, so actors of all ethnicities and disabled actors are warmly encouraged to apply.

    Object Love looks at objectum-sexuality, an orientation where people are attracted to objects and have romantic relationships with them; it will be one of the shows opening VAULT Festival next year. Based in part on exclusive interviews with objectum-sexuals, it combines monologues, music, re-enacted memories and quick-fire montages to explore a range of surprising, resilient and deeply loving relationships.

    No character has a specified gender, age or ethnicity - we are simply looking for people who are prepared to approach this unusual and sensitive subject matter without judgement, and throw themselves into the challenge of portraying someone who is in love with an object.


    Character breakdowns:

    1 – confident, self-assured and comfortable talking publicly about their sexuality. They have been ‘out’ for a long time, are usually attracted to buildings and monuments, and are currently in a monogamous relationship with Waterloo Vaults (the production’s performance venue). They are strong, resilient and direct, despite suffering various rejections and painful episodes due to their sexuality.

    2 – somewhat shy, not a natural public speaker and a little unsure when discussing their sexuality with others. They are attracted to both objects and people, though are currently only in a relationship with a small antique clock. They are highly sensitive to how others perceive and treat them, and are more likely to deal with their feelings in private than act openly on them. They are also a passionate fan of classic novels and poetry.

    3 – a multi-instrumentalist who is currently in a relationship with one of their guitars, as well as other objects. (This role requires a confident singer who is also comfortable playing a guitar onstage and learning a couple of songs for the show.) Slightly guarded, they take great care over their precise words and phrases and have a scientific and analytic outlook on life. Whilst somewhat frank and blunt, they demonstrate a gentle side when singing/playing.


    Performance dates: 28 Jan-1 Feb (inc. matinees 31 Jan/1 Feb)

    Venue: Studio, Waterloo Vaults

    Rehearsals: held over two weeks in January, immediately prior to performances (precise call times and dates will, however, be flexible). There will likely be some initial meetings before this.

    Fee: travel expenses plus profit share.


    If you would like to be considered for an audition, please send a CV, headshot, short paragraph on your interest in the project, and details of your guitar/singing experience (if applicable) to info@dissolvetheatre.co.uk. (Whilst you're welcome to, it's not essential to specify a character you'd like to be considered for.) The deadline for applications is 30 November; auditions will be held in early December.

    Please let us know if you have any accessibility requirements for auditions. If cold reading in auditions poses a problem for you, let us know and we can arrange alternatives.

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