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  • Now casting for A Doll's House Posted on 13 April 2015


    We are keen to cast A Doll's House as diversely as possible, so actors of all ethnicities and disabled actors are warmly encouraged to apply. This production will not be a literal or naturalistic update of Ibsen’s play, but a more playful contemporary interpretation, best suited to those who are comfortable improvising around text and making quick, instinctive choices.




    Audition dates (first round): 26th-28th April

    Audition dates (callbacks): 1st-2nd May

    Rehearsals: 11th-29th May (not all cast members will be needed at every rehearsal, meaning there is a little flexibility regarding rehearsal calls)

    Performance dates: 3rd-13th June


    Venue: Space Arts Centre

    Fee: National Minimum Wage (£6.50 p/hr for rehearsals and performances)




    Character breakdowns:


    Nora: (playing age: mid 20s-mid 30s)


    Wife to Torvald, friend to Rank and Christine, in debt to to Krogstad, loving mother to her children.


    Over the course of the play, Nora shifts from being a contended, warm and trusting housewife with a positive outlook on the world to, ultimately, a coolly pragmatic, focused and self-assured individual. Initially lacking in self-awareness, she becomes increasingly sensitive and perceptive. She can be incisive and resourceful when the situation demands, though her comfortable life does not often stretch her intellectually. A lack of responsibility or culpability granted to her (due to being a woman) has resulted in Nora’s short-sightedness.




    Torvald: (playing age: mid 20s-mid 30s)


    Husband to Nora, friend to Rank and colleague/employer of Krogstad.


    A proud, jealous and fairly private man for whom reputation and image is highly important. At his most comfortable and confident when in control and making decisions, he can reveal his short temper, defensive attitude and lack of empathy when he feels vulnerable or threatened. Someone who sees the world in black and white rather than shades of grey, he has a dedicated and focused attitude to his work and strong convictions regarding right and wrong. Deeply in love with Nora, he is an attentive and largely gentle husband who 

    finds great satisfaction from providing and caring for her. 




    Krogstad: (playing age: mid 20s-mid 30s)


    Colleague/employee of Torvald, lending money to Nora and old flame of Christine.


    A bitter, lonely and isolated man who has struggled to rebuild his life after the crime he committed is exposed. A widower whose actions are driven by a desire to be respectable, for his sons’ sake, through whatever means possible. Seemingly callous, intimidating and unforgiving to some, he is tentative, gentle and supportive with others; it is vulnerability and desperation rather than a natural vindictiveness which drives him to adopt a harsh, pragmatic and unwavering dedication to furthering his own position in life. 




    Christine: (playing age: mid 20s-mid 30s)


    Schoolfriend to Nora and old flame of Krogstad. 


    A warm, kind and generous woman who gives attention rather than wanting to be the centre of it; she is unassuming whilst very perceptive, alert and aware of others. She has strong self-discipline and restraint as well as a sometimes rather harshly realistic outlook on the world, partially as a result of a difficult life. A childless widow, she is selfless and hard-working to a fault, only happy when in the position of provider and caregiver. She does occasionally reveal a slight judgemental tendency but has an ultimately forgiving nature. 




    Dr Rank: (playing age: mid 20s-mid 30s)


    Best friend to Nora and Torvald.


    A frank, thoughtful and caring man who is terminally ill, but realistic (on the edge of being grimly so) about his situation. He combines an analytical nature, dry sense of humour, emotional restraint and attentive disposition. He is unassuming, stoic and tactful. He values any time he spends in Nora and Torvald’s home greatly, seemingly above time spent anywhere else, though conceals his sense of unfulfillment from his close friends. He is somewhat alone but not necessarily lonely.




    Deadline: Wednesday 22nd April


    Please send your headshot, CV, a short paragraph on your interest in the show (specifying the role you'd like to be considered for), and your availability for the audition and callback dates (26th-28th April, 1st-2nd May) to info@dissolvetheatre.co.uk.


    Please let us know if you have any accessibility requirements for auditions; if you are dyslexic and sight reading may pose a problem for you, do let us know and we’ll arrange an alternative. 

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