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  • Crowdfunding success! Posted on 11 May 2015

    We started rehearsals of A Doll's House today, and also had some wonderful news to boot: our crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a captioned performance of A Doll's House successfully reached its target! That means we're now able to offer the same warm welcome to those with hearing impairment or loss as anyone else coming to the show. 

    Want to come to the captioned performance? The date will be confirmed in the next couple of days, with tickets available on The Space's website.

    We've been incredibly moved by the generosity of some donors, and will shortly be sending out the rewards to everyone. In the meantime, we just wanted to take another opportunity to say thanks! And, since it was our first day of rehearsals today, here's a picture of our fantastic cast:

    That's Johan Hallstrom (Torvald); Rachel Handshaw (Christine); Jack Hudson (Krogstad); Jason McKell (Rank) and Greta Gould (Nora). 


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